What we do



Astrid Advisors has successfully executed multiple fundraises and we understand that each fundraising situation is unique. A tailored approach with a clear and distinct message is key.

We will partner with you at every step of the way, bringing our experience, knowledge and drive for success to your fundraising journey.

We will undertake a deep and thorough analysis of your offering and will use our expertise and insights to refine and appropriately position your story in front of a captive audience. Using your time and resources efficiently is a priority for us as we work together to deliver the desired results.


As well as capital raising for funds, we have successfully introduced capital for direct and co-investment transactions. Whether the partners you seek are groups that can participate as co-bidders, or investors who have a preference for consortiums or syndicated deals, with its deep network and understanding of the investor landscape, Astrid Advisors will serve as your experienced and effective partner for these complex and tailored capital requirements.


Astrid Advisors provides invaluable advice to investment managers to help them deliver a range of business initiatives. Whether you are contemplating the development and implementation of new strategy or business line, or reviewing your investor relations approach, our bespoke direction will empower you to execute a standout, long term, strategic vision.